First Grade Homeschool Plans for Melody!

This is the post in which I’ll share what I’ve got planned for my daughter for her 1st gade year of homeschool! Things are subject to change and this certainly will be just a glimpse! I intend on adding lots of hands-on activities, crafts, and games to go along with many of her subjects since she learns well that way. Okay, here we go…. 


 Science:  This year I plan on focusing on the Human Body since both my children have a lot of questions about it.  I’ve collected numerous resources books such as the First Human Body Encyclopedia from the DK First Reference Series. We plan on watching educational shows such as the Magic School Bus to go with our studies. I picked up Janice VanCleave’s Play and Find Out About the Human Body: Easy Experiments for Young Children (Play and Find Out Series) for our science experiments and a few other human body activity and coloring books.  I have no doubt we’ll all have fun with science this year!


History & Geography: The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Volume 1: Ancient Times: From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor was my choice for History this year. I’m extremely excited about delving into this book with my daughter. It’s written very well in a way in which a child can easily understand it. The activity guide which I purchased separately for this book is full of many hands-on activities, maps,  and book recommendations are given that can be used along side as well that we’ll be picking up the library! I may be more excited to get started with this than my daughter right now! I know she’s going to really like it though!

English:  First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Level 1 (Second Edition) (First Language Lessons)is my choice for an introduction to grammar this year.  It features  copywork, narration, picture study, and other classical techniques to develop the young student’s language ability. I like that the lessons aren’t very long, to the point and that she’ll be  memorizing poetry through learning basic grammar in these lessons. I found a few complied activity sheets to go along with this book too.  Other curriculum I’ve chosen in this category is Horizons Spelling & Vocabulary & Hooked on Phonics 1st grade for reading.


 Math:  Since Melody enjoyed Horizons Math so much during her Kindergarten year, we’ll be using Horizons Math Book 1 & 2 this Fall. These books are colorful, the lessons are short and once she’s learned certain math skills, she’s able to do most of the work unassisted. If needed, I’ll be giving her math exercises and activities to practice new concepts!P1150563

Bible: This Fall, we plan on delving in to the Hands-ON Bible and reading through Get to Know series by Nancy SandersThis series is fabulous and is right on her grade level. There are 4-color maps and numerous photos excellent for visual learners. In the front of the book, there’s a key that informs readers and teachers to get to know how to use this book. There are icons such as a oil lamp to direct you to read a scripture from the Bible, a clay jar icon that features fun facts, a word bank that introduces biblical words and definition perhaps not known to a child before, and more. A personal favorite of mine is the time line near the back of the book which can tie well into other history studies. The visual appeal is quite high and the book is written in a way children can understand easily..   My aim is to start having Melody memories Bible Verses too.

Right now the plan is to read The Book of Virtues and maybe the Moral Compass. The Book Virtues is an excellent book and I found an awesome lesson plan to go along with it! I may or may not get fully into the created lesson plan on this one. It’s really going to depend on everything else that we do. As for other books I plan on reading many of the Great Illustrated Classics along side with her. I’m hoping to get her engaged by not just reading but acting out mini plays, and doing lapbooks to encourage perhaps to start creating stories of her own.


Computer: Melody loves to play on the computer and while she is playing, she’s learning! On those days when we may need a little break from some of our school routine or if I need to evaluate how things are going, the computer is a great resources. Games she uses for school are Minecraft, Starfall, Jumpstart, Math Blaster, and Animal Jam.

…and there you have it. This is what we plan on doing and I’m excited to start after Labor Day! I’ll try to post weekly if not that often at least every two week updates on how our schooling is going!