Summer Time Blueberry Picking Trip!

Today my family and I made a trip to a u-pick berry farm.  The berry we were picking were Duke Blueberries. This type of blueberry is known to ripen early and usually had a very high yield. The colors were a deep dark-blue and the bushes of berries were quite full.  We picked about 10lbs worth at $1.25lb. Not a bad deal at all and these far exceed the flavor of getting them from a grocery store. I tend to prefer to buy most of our groceries locally if we can help it.


On our way to the farm we drove through lots of country. You never have to go very far in Oregon to be completely surrounded by farm land and I truly love that. I always enjoy seeing the neat looking barns and variety of alpaca, sheep, horses, and other livestock. What was funny and a little unexpected is that that we saw a huge camel! Of all the things  nothing really phases me anymore  about Oregon but I was surprised to see that.  This is why I am always encouraging my kids to take a good look around them when we go on our outing and family trips (Am I the only one telling my kids to look out the window?). You never know what you might see! It certainly sparked some conversation and made our trip a bit more interesting.

Two sweet Labrador dogs greeted us when we were there, one black and the other white. These dogs were super friendly and Melody loved petting and talking to them.  I adore seeing how much she takes to animals. Owen was still a little scared of the dogs but was okay as long as the dogs were sitting or laying down. I hope to one day have a dog or two of my own but as for right now, it’s just not possible for where we live.

I found out about this farm  last week through a local facebook group I am a part of. Through Facebook , I have found out about some great events, deals, and places to go with my family.
Aside from the drama that can sometimes occur on social networking sites, I’ll still vouch personally that the pros outweigh the cons and recommend everyone attempt to join some local groups for this very reason.

My son and daughter really enjoyed picking blueberries. This was the first time they’ve ever picked berries of any kind! They used their clean sand-buckets and filled them numerous times to the brim!
I’ve picked numerous berries growing up such as black berries, raspberries, strawberries but never blueberries so this was new to me too. It’s very easy to pick blueberries as there are no vines or thorns to wrestle with.
If you’ve never picked blueberries before, I highly recommend it and it’s great for children. I’ll admit after such a great experience I’m already researching and debating putting a blueberry bush into my own yard.  But for now, we are enjoying supporting our local farmers and letting everyone else know about these places!

Do you and your family enjoy going to u-pick berry or fruit places? If so, let me know in the comments!