Get to Know King David by Nancy I. Sanders {book review}


Get to Know David is one of the titles in the A Biography For Kids series by Nancy Sanders. This book gives readers a historical look into the life of King David and a glimpse into his life before he was the King but a shepherd of sheep. David’s story is certainly full of much adventure from the responsibility to caring for his family’s flock of sheep, battling Goliath, running for his life, becoming King, and much more! Much can be learned from David also known as a man after God’s own heart. He was a hero who did great and wonderful things with God but he was not without fault. I think it was good that the author took David’s faults into account while covering his life in a way that was understandable and deemed appropriate for children. Children can learn that even though we make mistakes God forgives and still can use that for his Glory!

The book is 128 pages long and has twelve chapters. There are 4-color maps and numerous photos excellent for visual learners. In the front of the book, there’s a key that informs readers and teachers to get to know how to use this book. There are icons such as a sandal which gives information about a Bible Hero, an eye icon for an eyewitness account of someone that saw what happened and tells about it, a word bank that introduces biblical words and definition perhaps not known to a child before, and a clay jar which tells fun facts. There is a time-line, glossary, source notes, and an about the author area near the back of the book.

The way the book is put together, you can read it all at once, a chapter a day or a chapter a week. I plan on going through a chapter a week with our home Bible studies. One chapter is about eight pages long. There are many facts, scripture references to look up in addition to reading a long. You can get quite creative in your study using this biography!

The writing style is simple and easy to understand. My daughter had no trouble reading most of the words by herself. She really likes the the facts that are included throughout and thinks it’s pretty neat to see the maps and full color photos and other illustrations pertaining to what is being discussed in each of the chapters. I feel that my children are getting a great amount of information in a way that they can easily comprehend. A historical point of view painted out in words as well as pictures is sometimes all we need to look a little deeper into the people we read about in the Bible. Nancy does a great job in reaching kids with not just this book but the series as a whole, in my opinion.

Overall, this is an excellent biography and would be a great book to use for book reports, casual reading, or character studies as well as for home, church, or school use. I’m excited to go through the Life of King David with both of my children! These books are great for all but well suited mainly for the five to ten year old range.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.