Clackamas County Lavender Festival Visit


Over the weekend my husband and I were able to get a sitter (yay for Grandma & Grandpa) and spend a few hours away on a date.  Our plans were to browse Powell’s Bookstore ( I totally adore going there!) in Portland swing by Salt & Straw (ice cream joint) and a local sushi place but at the last minute, I spied someone talking about a local Lavender festival going on.  So our planned changed as we can always attempt that again and instead we visited the Clackamas County Lavender festival and swung by a local cafe for lunch. Company was well spent and we had a great time.!P1150131
We got to see a morning demonstration of lavender distillation and learned it takes a whole year until the lavender oil is ready to used ( the smell just isn’t quite as sweet until that amount of time). Lavender is awesome because it can be used in cooking, decorating, and crafts.  I brought two bunches back home with me and nabbed a .5 fl oz of lavender oil. We also tried a local Oregon Trail Lavender ale and were surprised on how good it was! Even though it’s been a few days since our visit, my husband says that his car still smells of the delightful aroma.

If you are ever in the area during the month of July, I would highly recommend a visit to the festival or perhaps a local  Lavender farm. The air was sweet, the atmosphere was enjoyable, and the views were breath taking! Also there was a water play area for children to enjoy so next time we’ll probably take the kids.