The Evolution of Christian Music

The Evolution of Christian Music

A long time ago, the only Christian music you could find on the radio was the same kind you heard in church. Times have changed, however, and with everything from electronic techno gospel to rock songs praising the Lord, Christian music has evolved to include all types and genres.

What are some of the unexpected ways Christian music has shifted over the years? Here are just a few examples.



Christianity and country music has always enjoyed a strong link due to its traditional roots, but lately it’s become almost commonplace to hear country artists talking about Jesus in between verses that sing of love and pick-up trucks. David Cook has won multiple awards for his spiritual songs; Jody Miller and Carrie Underwood have also made waves in Christian gospel.



Who says God and rock can’t mix? Jars of Clay might take offense to the idea. They’d be joined by the likes of Skillet, Relient K and Thousand Foot Krutch, all of whom are devoted Christians who just so happen to enjoy electric guitar, pounding basslines and the occasional body paint.



Sometimes Christian artists can’t be classified by a label, but that doesn’t mean they love the Lord any less. For example, Lifehouse has experimented with multiple grunge and pop-rock sounds over their two decades of music production. Capital Kings have made a name for themselves with dubstep and electronica. No one knows how to define Krystal Meyers, but she definitely sings of salvation.

These are just a few genres where Christians have made their mark. The music industry being what it is, there’s sure to be more as artists become increasingly comfortable with themselves and their religious leanings. Who knows what next year could bring?