Restless: Because You Were Made for More

Restless explores the fact that God has called each of us to do great things in his name, and then helps us discover what that might mean for each of us individually. Jennie says, “We are called to dream but we’re afraid to. But because we are called, when we don’t act on it we become restlessrestless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter.”

Jennie doesn’t suggest women add one more thing to their to-do list, but instead invites them to stop and listen where they are. She frees them to be themselves and to see themselves as valuable. In addition to this permission to dream she helps them get over themselves and their issues and then offers a simple process on highly designed journal pages to identify the raw materials—the unique threads—they’ve been given by digging into five areas: 
 Gifts,  Suffering, Places, People, &  Passions.

Using her own story and that of women with whom she has walked through this process as examples, Jennie weaves in the story of Joseph the dreamer and how God used his threads to fit into the greater story of God. Untangling the threads of our lives and assembling them together in one place reveals a beautiful plan designed by the Creator himself: God’s Agenda + my threads + the need + the Holy Spirit = my purpose

And since living out our purpose is often filled with uncertainties Jennie addresses the doubts, fears, and challenges that hold women back from what they’ve been called to do. This re-positioning of their lives is not a promise that all things will be perfect, or will go perfectly, but a promise that it will be the start of the best part of life—the part that completes what we were made for.

This kit include:

  • Restless Study Guide which serves as your workbook for the course.
  • 1 Restless Lead Guide which contains guidelines for leading the study.
  • 1 8-Session Restless DVD.
  • 1 Box of Ask Conversation Cards.

This study is amazing. It challenges you to discover who you really are in God. It asks those hard questions that sometimes we tend to avoid or never really form an opinion about. I know personally how easy it is to go on with life and continue doing the same old thing because that just the way things are. But there are times when I feel so stuck in a rut and discontent and nearly sick to my stomach! I’m restless & so thirsty because I want so much more of God and I want to share him with others without holding  back any part of me! I want to be passionately on fire burning for God and I want others I come across to experience that very same thing.

This book and study I believe if you’re bold enough can help you get there. No one said it would be easy and you’d have all the answers in the beginning of following after God!  This study right and flat out will let you know this isn’t a toe in the water or a skim of the surface, this is totally a study of full immersion. I highly recommend it! God has a great purpose for each and everyone of His children. I encourage you to pick up this study if you are ready to discover just what that may be. It takes us through the story of Joseph and digs deeply looking at five keys themes. Many questions to ask yourself personally are included and the study offers ways to express your thoughts and answers through word, art, and few other creative ways.

If you do any one study this year, I would highly recommend checking out Restless!
I believe if willing you could be changed for His glory in a huge way.

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Disclaimer: I received a free DVD kit from the publisher through Shelton Interactive in exchange for my review.