Recently Released: Putumayo kids presents Australian Playground


Australian Playground is a collection of songs that will transport listeners to the magical landscapes of the land down under. Featuring music from some of Australia’s most compelling children’s musicians, Aboriginal groups and singer-songwriters, Australian Playground exemplifies the diversity of Australia’s peoples, cultures, animals and environments.

My family and I are quite pleased with Putumayo Kids latest release Australian Playground! This album features a cheerfully upbeat mix of songs from a plethora of artist! The instruments used are many and the artist chosen to sing on the album fit perfectly. The songs are quite catchy and I am certain this one will be played as well as sung many times in our our household not just during the Summer season but year round! A few of our favorites are Kangaroo (The Super Marsupial), Random Acts, & Give Me A Home Among the Gumtrees! We love playing this album while at home as well when we are traveling in the car.


  • The NEO and Garrangali – Marrtjina (Let’s Go)
  • Seaman Dan – Mango Rain
  • Joe Hall and The Treehouse Band – Loose Change
  • Garrangali – Mirri
  • Bob Brown – Give Me a Home Among The Gumtrees
  • Don Spencer – Kangaroo (The Super Marsupial)
  • Rosie Burgess – Random Acts
  • The Band of the South Australia Police – The Road to Gundagai
  • Kamerunga – Seisia
  • Lazy Harry – Waltzing Matilda

This album features a regional recipe for Damper Bread, a food staple for Australian stockmen and drovers (Australian cowboys) in their long treks through the remote outback. You can get really creative with this album and form an entire lesson plan or a fun filled day around learning about Australia using it. Album runtime is 27 minutes long. Overall this album to well loved in our home and enjoyed by my entire family!

Interested in Purchasing your own copy of Putumayo Kids Presents Australian Playground ?  1% of sales from the album will be contributed to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation in support of their initiatives to provide music programs and instruments to disadvantaged children in schools and juvenile detention centers in Australia!

Putumayo Kids Presents Australian Playground :: $14.98 physical CD; $9.99 download on iTunes

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