The Cabbage White Butterfly

Several days ago after a surprising wind, rain, and hail storm while out checking on my garden I discovered an injured butterfly which at the time I thought was a moth!  I carefully cupped it into one of my children’s nature discovery containers and brought it inside for my children to observe. The poor thing probably wouldn’t be living very long as it had a ripped wing probably a result of either a bird or the storm. After feeling the need to properly identify the insect,  I got to researching on the internet and discovered this was no moth, but instead a Cabbage White Butterfly (which actually is known to be a pest to gardeners).

After taking many pictures and talking to my kids about the butterfly, we let it go. I am opting to do a nature study with the kids on this particular butterfly later this Summer. We are eager to see if we can locate this butterfly in one of it’s other form after checking out the pictures of it as a egg, catipillar, etc on Wikipedia. I did learn these types of butterflies tend to like mustards, dandelions, asters, red clovers, and mints and I am eager to add some of those plants to my yard to lure more.