Have You Heard About Stonyfield’s New Organic Yogurt Pouches?

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When I hear the name Stonyfield, I am reminded of their commitment to provide healthy food to not just families but everybody! Their aim is certainly to offer only the best by not using artificial hormones, antibiotics, and other GMO’s that are not bad for people but the plant too. They also aim to reduce their carbon footprint by using plastic cups and other packing made out of plants! If you haven’t heard of them, you should know the type of products Stonyfield offers include frozen yogurt, smoothies, milk, and what I’ll be chatting about today, delicious organic yogurt!
Yogurt is something I am very thankful that everyone in my family of four will eat! So, I was super excited when I learned about the first ever refrigerated organic yogurt pouches from Stonyfield and so were my children ages 3 & 5 years old. These yogurt pouches contain pure organic ingredients and absolutely no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. If you are shopping for specific aged child, you’ll want to keep in mind that these pouches have stages which include StonyfieldYoBabyYoToddler and YoKids.

We brought Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches with us when we visited the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm a few days ago!

Things to consider are that YoBaby & YoToddler are made with the whole milk which helps growth and development. The YoToddler P1130878blends are made up of real fruit and vegetable blends as well Omega-3 DHA which provides great health benefits. The YoKids pouches tend to consist of just fruit. All stages of pouches contain vitamin D, protein, live active cultures, and calcium. Parents can check the Stonyfield website for a list of all ingredients and to check if these pouches are sold in a store near by!

The YoBaby Pouch Flavors: Mango, Sweet Potato, & Vanilla.
The YoToddler Pouch Flavors : Pear Spinach Mango & Strawberry Beet Raspberry
The YoKids Pouch Flavors: Blueberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana

When sampling the pouches, I stepped lightly with my five year old daughter . She’s very picky when it comes to what she eats. She often doesn’t like things blended together and she may eat whole blue berries and yogurt separately she often won’t eat the two mixed together. I appreciated that the Yokids yogurts were just fruit as she will always eat that. She favored the blueberry flavor the most and has asked to have all the Yokids flavors she’s tried which were the Strawberry Banana and the blueberry again. There are a few YoKids flavors we haven’t tried because our local grocery store was nearly out of stock of all stages of pouches!

Just because, I wanted to see if my daughter would eat one of the YoToddler flavors and she did but once she found out there was a certain vegetable in it from the packaging, she turned her nose up at it although saying she loved it before. So if you’ve got a pretty picky child and you still want them to reap the benefits of the toddler pouches that have fruit and vegetable blends, I advise perhaps serving it to them in a bowl!P1140056

My son age 3 liked all the Yotoddler pouches he tried out. He pretty much eats everything and is not picky in the least bit. I tried to ask him his favorite and he said “All of them mommy,”. I’m looking forward to seeing what other flavor might become available for the YoToddler stage. I think the blends are fabulous way to get kids to try something new and perhaps even acquire a taste for the vegetables included!

Things I love about the Stonyfield pouches is that they are mess free! There’s been no spills and yogurt mustaches since my kids have had these! The pouch lids can go back on after being removed if all the yogurt doesn’t get eaten right away. The pouches are fantastic for all on the go trips and outings. Though d make sure to slip an ice pack in your outing picnic or snack bag! And last but not least I love the health benefits! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these for any baby, toddler, or kid….even I think these taste good.

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