Arm Knitting: How to Make a 30-Minute Infinity Scarf and Other Great Projects {Review + Giveaway}


I’ve loom knitted, needle knitted, and have taken up crochet but the world of arm knitting has been completely new to me! If you like me had never heard of it before, know that just about anyone can learn! The late 2013 to early 2014 trend of arm knitting mimics needle knitting but instead of using needles, you’ll form the stitches with your hands while the work hangs from your arms. It’s quite fun and can be learned in a day I believe by those of all ages! Mainly using multiple strands or very bulky yarn, the quick and attractive knits are very stylish and can vary in so many different ways depending on the yarn used! Who wouldn’t love to whip up a scarf, cowl, or another item in about 1/2 hour of time? These quick arm knits can make some great last minute gifts for someone else or a treat for yourself!

Arm_Knitting_2If taking on this skill, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a A new book from Design Originals, Arm Knitting: How to Make a 30-Minute Infinity Scarf and Other Great Projects! In this book, author Mary Beth Temple shares 15 projects to create which included attractive scarves, cowls, wraps, and capes. The instructions I found to be quite clear and all the full-color photographs easily take you step by step. I tend to have trouble sometimes reading patterns but had zero whatsover thanks to how well this pattern book was compiled. Though if still needing a bit of help, the author has a few Youtube videos you can watch to get you started (see author Mary Beth Temple’s YouTube videos here)!

The beginning of the book will explain and show you exactly what you need to do to get started. There’s the casting on, three different stitches (twisted & knotted) which will be used throughout the book, binding off, seaming, weaving in the ends, creating vertical and horizontal stripes, increasing, decreasing, adding fringe, making pom-poms, and few things more. After all the basics, you can make your way through the book and pick and chose what design you’d like to arm knit up.

Each pattern starts with a skill level. 6 are rated easy, 6 intermediate and 3 for more advanced arm knitters. I would recommend starting on the simpler patterns and working your way to the other projects. The patterns all have helpful tips, approximate circumference or length, strands used, and specific materials. The exact yarn used in the item modeled if you want the same exact look is also mentioned.

I decided to do a little stash busting and take on the Simple Infinity Scarf pattern. Arm knitting uses quite a bit of yarn so if you are looking to start a project and purchasing yarn for it, do be sure to check to see how much you’d need! I found this project a very fast knit! Once I got the hang of it, I can easily see how people can create a few of these patterns in about half an hour. I know some people aren’t sure if they’d like arm knitting because since you use your arms and could feel trapped! Well, it’s very easy to slip the stitches off your arms and place them on something like a broomstick, dowel, or another item around the same size if you need a break from your project.

Overall, I think this is a great pattern book to get anyone started with arm knitting. What’s so great is that all you need is a pattern and some yarn. There’s nothing to misplace! I believe learning the basic stitches and motions of knitting like this can even prompt you to pick up knitting needles to learn that skill as well. I am eager to get my children learning how to do arm knit too! I know I’ll be using this technique to make lots of fashionable items for myself and for friends!

About the Author

Mary Beth Temple is the author of 9 knitting and crochet books, including The Secret Language of Knitters. She is a contributing pattern editor for Vogue Crochet, and her work appears frequently in national knitting and crochet magazines. Temple is the owner and lead designer of “Hooked for Life,” a line of contemporary crochet and knit patterns. She hosts Getting Loopy, a popular crochet-centric interactive podcast.

For more information, please visit Arm Knitting online or at Design Originals.

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(pattern images courtesy of Mary Beth Temple: Arm Knitting)
(pattern images courtesy of Mary Beth Temple: Arm Knitting)

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