Zeenie Dollz {Review + Giveaway}


Investing in the means to help my children understand the impact that everything has on the environment is very important to me. We are already pretty eco conscious in our household. We recycle, eat and grow organic food, compost food and vegetable scraps, commonly use all sorts of reusable products instead of adding more waste, cut grass with a push reel lawn mower instead of a gas one, and so forth. We know our efforts though as little as they seem play a big part in caring for the environment and preserving our Earth. This is a choice that my family has made that I am hopeful will be carried out in the lives of my children, their children, and perhaps even among our friends too!

When I heard about  Zeenie Dollz , I was intrigued. The message that the dolls represent and stand for is protecting the environment and saving the Earth! Each of the dolls represents a different cause and what they protect and care for. For example, one doll protects the farmland and defends mistreated and abused animals, another protects the oceans and defends the marine conversations, and so forth. We were sent Evee, she’s the protector of the skies and defender against pollution.

The dolls are made from recyclable non-toxic ABS and TPR plastics which is not PVC like most dolls on the market. There are currently 6 dolls so far and each doll is 12inches in height. At first, I thought these dolls cost a lot of money at about $50.00 each. But after I got my hands on one I think that price is fair. The dolls have a 24 point articulation meaning you can pose them in numerous ways offering so many ways to play. The doll is also quite durable and seems like it would last for a very long time.P1130782

My daughter Melody is turning six years old in about a month. When I introduced her to the Zeenie doll Evee she was super excited. She kept saying the doll was beautiful and she loved that the doll could move in so many different ways. She has some other dolls but their movement is extremely limited and apparently not so fun according to her. She likes that these dolls are all about caring for the environment! She’s quite the caretaker as well getting upset when she sees often trash just thrown on the ground!

My daughter really likes the stylish outfits these dolls are wearing. I must vouch that I do too! The fashion is quite colorful and modest as well! She dons a cute orange cropped jacket over a purple tunic top with bird patterns on it. She wears black leggings, purple and black striped socks, and some pretty cute kicks! Accessories include a necklace for the doll, a bracelet, and purple ribbons to tie up her hair. The doll we were sent also comes with a doll stand, colorful bracelet for a child to wear, luggage tag to but on a suitcase or backpack, a hairbrush for the doll, and a pet parrot for the doll!

It pleases me to know that when purchasing these dolls, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations with the main goal to preserve the environment and protect animals. The fun doesn’t stop after the purchase of the doll by no means! Your child can enjoy the Zeenie App for the iPhone & ipad as well as play some games themed after each doll on the Zeenie website!

There’s nothing I dislike about the Zeenie Dollz! My daughter highly recommends them too! The fact she likes the dolls so much makes me quite happy knowing the message and goal of caring for the environment that they stand for.

If interested in purchasing? If so, you can find the dolls on their website as well as Zeenie Dolls on Amazon.com!

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.