The Quilted Heart Omnibus (Quilted Hearts #1-3) Book Review

The Quilted Heart Omnibus: Three Novellas in One: Dandelions on the Wind, Bending Toward the Sun, and Ripples Along the Shore

Three romantic eBooks—now available in print! In Dandelions in the Wind, Maren, a caregiver for the Wainwright family, wonders if she’ll meet the right man. In Bending Toward the Sun, Emilie captures the heart of a teamster. And in Ripples Along the Shore, Caroline tries to convince a wagon train master to take her west. 400 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

Maren Jensen has no choice but to live alongside a widow and her young grandchild in St. Charles, Missouri. This kind but stern older woman has given her food and a home. Maren is grateful, but lonely. She longs for Denmark where her family resides. Maren’s dwindling eyesight makes work difficult, and she’s determined to change her fate. Life turns a corner though, when Mrs. Brantenburg’s lost son-in-law returns from the Civil War looking for a new beginning. His appearance shakes up both Maren and Mrs. Brantenburg’s lives on the farm.

Emilie Heinrich is busy as a store clerk for her father’s general store. She’s satisfied with her position, but her father doesn’t think it’s enough. He insists that she pursues lady’s college, but she thinks otherwise. Her life is further complicated when she chances upon an old friend, Quaid Mcfarland. She’s intrigued by his visit back to Missouri, and he in turn, is curious about Emilie. Her father, on the other hand, is not amused by either Quaid’s return or his growing interest in his daughter.

Caroline Milburn is a young widow. Her husband died in the war fighting for the North. With no means, she’s journeyed back to St. Charles, Missouri, to stay with her sister and her family. Living in new surroundings, she copes with her feelings and emotions. With her fiery red hair that matches her quick temper, it proves to be no easy task. Not to mention the attention from an ex-Confederate man by the name of Garret Colishaw. Caroline feels she is still in the process of healing, but she knows that there must be a new path for her to follow.

My Thoughts…

Mona Hodgson’s “Quilted Heat” a 3 in 1 novella was a very engaging book! The author did a wonderful job in tying the characters stories together without being overly detailed or wordy. Everything fit in the era described and I didn’t feel the story of each of the characters pace was too quick or too slow. The stories were actually quite refreshing and there were twists and turns throughout that I wouldn’t have guessed would happen. As for what, I would rather not give that away and let others find out for themselves.

Each of the stories felt believable as I was in favor of greatly! Too often I read Christian romantic fiction and the stories seem a little forced or all seem too similar to another, if that makes sense. I think it was beautiful how a weekly quilting brought all the girls together! It was a great that though all having different trials and hardships they turned to God with their futures and freely shared this with each other! There is scripture mentioned in each of the books about joy as well as sorrow.. The stories are a nice light read and I most certainly would recommend this collection especially if you like reading books based in the Civil War era. I enjoyed the history and following the paths of these three ladies and believe many others would as well.

This book was provided to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.