Photogenic Friday: Dandelions

I think Dandelions are beautiful . They are very resilient and provide many benefits!  Some people drink these flowers as tea others use the greens for salad. If you don’t believe me just put in benefits of Dandelions in a search engine and you’ll wonder why many people haven’t taken advantage of the wonders this flower (though many call it a weed) can do.  I’m becoming bold enough to even give the Dandelion Fritter recipe I’ve seen around the internet a try. 

Dandelions are also great for your yard. Ladybugs, birds, bees, and butterflies are attracted  to these and those sorts of insects can be very beneficial to a garden! Now I would not want an entire lawn full of these but a a few here and there provides great benefits.  And last but not least, I use these flowers in educating my children about nature and how everything plays is parts…plus at that age nothing seems more magical then plucking one from the ground and blowing those precisely placed seeds to a new destination.