Educational Insights Chef Showdown™ Game {Review + Giveaway!}


We highly encourage playing games in our household of four! We are always looking for fun as well as educational games that my kids will enjoy and challenge them in many different ways! Recently, I was introduced to Educational Insights Game Chef Showdown. I’ll have to say once knowing the title, I was quite intrigued! Basically, Chef Showdown is a fast paced game of matching for kids ages six and up. It allows for the play of up to four players but there must be at least two to play. The design is bright and cheerful and really does a great job in drawing any potential players in. Be warned though that the cleverly designed food might even make you hungry.


Chef-Showdown-Cards-and-CharacterIn this game, children will play as chefs that are gathering ingredients for their cooking. There are four different chef figures to choose from which are a Panda, Pig, Mouse, & Chicken. Each player will get three chef markers. They will use the markers to claim ingredients (showdown cards) matching the ones in their hand. When they find it, place one of their chef markers on it and knocking off any other chefs! To gain the most points players must continue in this manner before the sand in the timer runs out!


 What’s Included?

  • 12 Chef figures (Each player uses 3 as their markers)
  • 18 Showdown cards
  • 128 Player cards
  • Sand timer
  • Instructions

I found all the pieces to be very durable and will probably hold up well over numerous times of play. The box the game comes in is quite nice having separate spaces for the pieces it holds. The box is very strong and doesn’t take up a ton of space at all! The instructions are also very easy to follow in explanation and illustrations in learning how to play.

How to Play:

1. Race to match any card in your hand with any of the three showdown cards on the table. Mark your match by placing your chef on that card before anyone else does.
2. Continue play by knocking other player’s chefs off of showdown cards that you match and replacing them with your chefs.
3. When time’s up, collect the showdown cards marked by your chefs. Collect the most cards and you win!

Overall Thoughts…

I will state that there’s not really any strategy to the game but it’s great for quick reflexes, concentration, and fast play. You most certainly are looking at a race to finish card game here. I believe that kids that like to do things at a faster pace and beat the timer will probably really enjoy this game! My daughter age 5 that has played many games beyond the age recommendations seemed to really like it and got quicker and quicker the more we’ve played.

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