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 Look for Drawing with Mark DVD’s at your local Michael’s!

 I’ve only given my nearly 6 year old  daughter a preview of one of the Drawing with Mark DVDs but she’s excited with the fact that we’ll be using these for our Homeschool Summer art activities! Because not only will she be learning how to draw all sorts of things, she’ll be learning educational facts with each of the different DVD’s such as facts about dinosaurs, life on the farm, caring for animals, our solar system and so much more!

I grew up watching and learning how to draw from TV shows like Pappy Drew It and The Imagination Station and feel the aid of DVD’s can really grow the skills of any artist. I like that Mark starts with the basic foundations of using shapes such as circles, triangles, and goes from there. The fact the educational bits takes kids on site before the lesson is pretty neat as well! I totally like that there’s so much learning going on!  Each DVD contains two half hour lessons and would be best for children ages 5-9 years old. I would recommend these most certainly and will be posting our Summer art with Drawing with Mark in the months ahead!


The DVDS: 


Drawing with Mark: Reach for the Stars and A Day with the Dinosaurs: Mark Marderosian visits the Museum of Science in Boston twice where he introduces his viewers to dinosaurs and how they lived. Viewers then learn how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Pterodactyl.  On the second visit Marderosian and the “Angels from the Attic” learn about outer space, planets and stars. In this episode, the drawing lessons feature the planet Saturn and as well as a friendly astronaut on the moon.

Drawing with Mark: We All Scream for Ice Cream / Happy Tails: Visiting a neighborhood ice cream shop, children learn about everyone’s favorite ice cream flavors. Mark then teaches everyone how to draw an ice cream cone and a truck. He then takes a journey to The Buddy Dog Humane Society, learns how to care for our four-legged friends, and teaches viewers how to draw a cat and a dog.

Drawing with Mark: Good to Grow and Life on the Farm: Mark Marderosian makes two journeys to a farm where visitors learn to draw a barn, a cute little pig, tractor and a sunflower. Special Bonus segment: Learn to make a horse puppet.

Each DVD contains bonus features on screen and off including:

  • A bonus drawing lesson
  • A draw-along-booklet with coloring page insert
  • Instructions on how to download free coloring pages from the website – http://angelsfromtheattic.com/come-play/coloring-pages/ – where drawing pages can be printed out for even more ongoing fun.

Bonus! There are extra drawing lessons online at Drawing With Mark to download for free at http://www.drawingwithmark.com/

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Interested in Purchasing?  Drawing with Mark DVDs on Amazon.com range from $9.49-$13.48. I noticed that if you are a Amazon Prime member, you can view a few of these (Drawing With Mark: We All Scream for Ice Cream! [HD] and Drawing With Mark: Happy Tails) with your subscription without having to pay anything extra! Be sure to check it out if you can!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.