Babar on Paradise Island {Book Review}



Babar on Paradise Island has been a fun book to read to my 3 year old son and my 5 year old daughter. I imagine it will be read many more times in the future. There’s always some sort of exciting and quite whimsical adventure going on this friendly family of elephants. I believe long time fans will enjoy this book as well as those just introduced to this lovable character and his many friends. A great choice for books to read this upcoming Summer season, for sure.

The story is darling and easy to follow. The family decides mainly to go out on the sea for a day. But instead of returning home, there’s an expected storm! This storm leaves Babar and Celeste with their family and their friends shipwrecked on an unexplored island! They gather what supplies they can from the shipwreck and wait to be rescued! While waiting they meet a dragon… a friendly dragon! This new friend is generous and very welcoming. He shows Babar and his family and friends how to find food, build shelter, and where to locate fresh water till they are rescued by a search crew from Celesteville! All things quite crucial in survival! There were good times had though the thought of knowing they were shipwrecked was remembered. What happens to the their new friend when they are rescued? I’ll let readers find out for themselves!

As a parent I appreciate that the story is not scary in the least bit for young children. I also like that the watercolor art stays true to the classic Babar books I was read to as a child! Age recommendations for the story are ages 4 and up. My daughter age 5 is at a first grade reading level and can read most of this book on her own only needing some help with bigger words like “encouraged, suggested, & introduced”. This book has prompted conversations with children about what things they think they would need if they were shipwrecked and what thing that really wasn’t needed that they’d like to have with them. Also I asked them what kinda of animals do they think they’d find on an island. Lots of fun conversations to be had about tropical adventures, none the less.

Want it? Babar on Paradise Island can be purchased on in hardcover format for $11.98 as of this posting.

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