Alice From Dallas {Book Review}


ALICE FROM DALLAS by Marilyn Sadler , illustrated by Ard Hoyt is darling book about an apsiring cowgirl for children ranging from 4 to 8 years old. This book will have you captured by the darlingly detailed water color illustrations covering each page. The art being done exceptionally well points viewers to anything and everything cowgirl related. I imagine any little girl that plays pretend cow girl or is aspiring to be a real one themselves is sure to appreciate this story!

In this story, we meet Alice who is from Dallas…Dallas Pennsylvania that is! She simply adores anything and everything cowgirl related. She commonly wears a cowgirl hat, boots, and has a stick pony as her trusty steed. She’s often sings cowgirl songs, herds her dog in her backyard, practices her lasso, and impresses her classmates with a pretend cattle round up at school. She’s pretty happy about being the only Cowgirl in Dallas, Pennsylvania till a new girl named Lexis from Texas shows up at school!

There’s definitely some rivalry going on after Lexis arrives! Even a showdown takes place! I like that this book can be a conversation starter about jealousy and not feeling good enough and how those feelings can often make us behave and act toward others. There’s guilt, forgiveness, and friendship going on in this book and I feel this is most certainly a good book to read and totally talk about these matters that will come up in a child’s life. The ending of this book is great and I most certainly would recommend picking up a copy! My nearly six year old daughter said this book is a real winner!

Interested in Purchasing? Alice from Dallas can be found on in digital as well as hardcover format.

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