Thingy Things titles Crabby Crab & Cowy Cow by Chris Raschka {Book Review}

applseedtwitterI’d like to introduce you to two books that will be coming out in April by author Chris Raschka published by Abrams Appleseed.
These two titles are clever pictures books that would appeal best to children ages 2-4 years old.
There are a total of eight in this series coming out this year. The two I mention below are great for the upcoming Spring and Summer season!


About the Crabby Crab…

Crabby Crab is not in a good mood. No, Crabby Crab would rather complain than do anything else! Young readers will be drawn in by this humorous look into an all-too-familiar situation, and be comforted in the end. Chris Raschka’s expert balance of visual and textual humor will charm even the grumpiest of readers!

My Thoughts on Crabby Crab…

Crabby Crab is a cute little board book that can be read in very short amount of time. It’s great for kids that may have really short attention spans.  The text is easy to follow. The art found within the pages is very appealing. My children and I both adored the with paint brush type style and bright cheerful coloring.In this story we meet a little crab that’s just not happy about a lot of his physical attributes! For instance, Crabby crab is not happy about his claws and wishes he had fingers instead! The story does wrap up with Crabby Crab learning that he is loved just that way that he is. The book can be used as a conversation starter in pegging how a child may feel about them-self and in turn give a parent an opportunity to affirm their love and how special their child is just by being them!


About Cowy Cow…

Cowy Cow has so many ideas! In fact, sh
e has one hundred of them: green is the best color ever; chewed grass tastes like a cookie . . . But has Cowy Cow ever tasted a cookie before? Though her research may be flawed, this single cow’s efforts to make silly sense of the world are both tickling and inspiring! Chris Raschka’s award-winning brush strokes add just the right amount of emotion and comedy.

My Thoughts on Cowy Cow…

Cowy Cow is quite a silly book. All silliness set aside though, this book can be a great way to challenge children to think. I would say after learning about Cowy Cow and all of her interesting ideas, you can ask the child being read to about some of the things that they like to think about no matter how silly. It’s really interesting to find out what thoughts children come up with.

Cowy Cow is a cute little character. I certainly like her quite bit. The art is sweet and her character is captured well through out the short little story of some of her thoughts and ideas. My only wish is that the story was a bit longer, my children and I wanted to know more of Cowy Cow’s ideas!

Interested in Purchasing? 
Both Crabby Crab (Thingy Things) & Cowy Cow (Thingy Things) can be pre-ordered before the April release date on! The current hardcover pre-order price on each book is $6.26 as of this posting. Other titles in the Thingy Things line include Whaley Whale & Lamby Lamb! Any 2-4 year old child with a love for animals are sure to enjoy the short yet sweet titles!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.