Sabi’s New HOLSTER grande pill box {review}

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


The Sabi HOLSTER grande pill box is handy solution to those that may need to take their daily medications, pills and vitamins with them easily when out and about. The pill box ( Measures 4.7″ L by 1.5″ W by .9″ ) has three-compartments, one is medium and the other much larger being able to hold larger pills or vitamins of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The inner two compartments slide out easily together and the third is hidden away on the top of the holder. On the back side of the holder, there’s a generous sized clip that makes carrying the pill box around with you quite convenient. For instance, you could slide the clip into a pocket of a shirt, a belt, suitcase, or inner pocket of bag or purse until you needed to acquire the contents placed inside.



What I favor is that once you place pills, vitamins, or whatever you need inside, you simply push the inner compartment back into place. You know the pill box is closed securely when you hear a click. I’ve had no issues at all with the box coming open or staying closed at all. It literally stays closed unless you pull on it. Do note that this pill box is not child-proof and a child could most certainly have little issue to getting it to come open.

I really like the design and the style not to mention the fact that it’s BPA free. It’s stylish, looks quite attractive, takes up little space, and it’s easy to clean with just soap and water. This pill box is perfect for what its’ intended for, in my opinion. It’s not airtight but that shouldn’t be an issue if you re-load this when you intend on going out for the day.

I know that this the Holster grande pill box will make my life a bit easier! I don’t always take my pills, supplements, and vitamins at the same time each day, in fact it’s recommend I spread my dosages a part. When I am out and about I confess I don’t always bring them along! But now I can without wasting a plastic bag that I’ll have to dig around to find in my purse! This holder has kept everything inside the holder in one piece without worry of being crushed by other things in my bag and it’s always easy to find!


I most certainly would recommend this product and am thinking about getting another one for my daughter for her thyroid medication and vitamin supplements when she’s away from home. The Sabi Holster Grande Clip-On and Go Travel Pill Box is reasonably priced at $8.99 on and can be found on the Sabi website as well.

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