Graham Blanchard & Callie Grant Books: Little Seed: A Life, Close As A Breath, and Jesus Saves Me {Book Review}

gblogoI was recently given the opportunity to share my thoughts upon and spread the news on three Christ centered books written specifically for children by Graham Blanchard & Callie Grant. Each of the three titles that were sent along my son and daughter enjoyed quite a bit. Each of the books each have a specific purpose and come from certain lines that in different ways nurtures and has potential to grow the spiritual development of a child. There’s nothing more important than for a child to come to know certain aspects of their Saviour whether it be just scratching the surface or going much deeper. I guarantee these titles will invoke many Christ-filled conversations.


The first book I’d like to talk about comes from the Praise collection in which the sole purpose is to celebrate the beauty and wonders of God “In “Little Seed: A Life” we follow the life cycle of a seed. This is a great book to read to a child during the Spring season, though it’s not limited to just that time of the year. The Bible verse this book mentions is Isaiah 61:11 which talks about how the soil makes the sprout to come up and a garden so the Lord will make righteousness & praise spring up before the nations. The main thing to take away from the book is how we also grow from the inside out when following God. Also how one seeds life gave birth to many! What a beautiful illustration of how God works and grows us so that we may spread His word with others that they also can come to know him!


My children loved listening and looking at this book! We see the seed drift to the ground where a squirrel buried it. The seed waited in soil for awhile season after season till the shell encasing it split open! It’s roots dug and reached deep into the earth as it eventually sprung up from out of the ground! There’s lots to see and much to learn in this book. The imagery was a delight to look upon through out all the seasons from the birds, flowers, butterflies, trees, worms, and much more. This board book is of the top most quality ensuring it will last for a very long time. There are resources on the Graham Blanchard website for parents or teachers to use along side with this title to make it even more engaging for children! I really like this title and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for children from birth to around six years old.


Close as a Breath by Callie Grant & illustrated by Sarah Ackerley is one the titles to be found in the Absorb line of books. The Absorb books give children a view of God that can be understood on their level. Through this title and the others in this line, children will learn they are created by God, that He loves them, and that they can trust in Him. In this book, we are introduced to young girl and her Papa that are out for a stroll on an Autumn day exploring nature. While on their adventure, the little girl asks her Papa many questions about the air, the color changing of leaves, why water freezes, and how if she looked up into the sky at the stars if she would see God’s face. All these questions even my own children have asked me at one point. The Papa in this stories answers the questions and let’s his daughter know that even though we can’t see God that His Love and Power can be seen all around us in other ways.


The Bible verse to be found at the end of this book is Romans 1:20 which talks about God’s invisible qualities such as His eternal power and divine nature clearly can be seen from what has been made. The book is very easy to read and many of the verses within rhyme. The illustrations are warm and inviting from sun up to sun down. I like this book a lot and will be reading it many more times to both my children age 3 & almost 6 years old. They are quite curious about the God we follow and the world around them. Their curious minds are always full of many questions! I want to continue to guide them seeing God through every big and little thing around them. This title has a Tips for Parents page that can be viewed on the Graham Blanchard website. I encourage any adult whether reading this book to a child at home or to a Sunday School class to check it out!


“Jesus Saves Me,” from the Knowing My God series, is a learn book. The learn books use directly quoted Bible passages along with beautiful photographs and supportive text to relate the meaning to your child’s life. These multi-layer books grow with your child. A section with tips for grown-ups is included. In this book, the scripture reference in this title is John 10:14-16 which talks about the flock and the shepherd. The photography found within features all sorts different types of sheep as well as some pictures of children.


The back of the book features a section for grown-ups that gives a general idea on how the book will grow with and can be used for either a baby, toddler, or child. Throughout the pages there is a brief description of a shepherd and how they care for their sheep. Children will come to understand how Jesus is our Good Shepherd and how we are like sheep. This is a great book to read any time but especially around Easter. Children will learn that Jesus, came to this world to give His life for all. His love, care, and mercy is reflected in the relationship demonstrated here. I don’t think there are enough books like this out there! It is written simply for a child to understand and leaves nothing important out! Be sure to check out the Tips for Parents on this title too!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.