Winter Storm Orion!

2014-02-081What  a CRAZY week of weather we’ve had here in the North-West! Often snow is predicted in our forecast only to flurry just a bit or not even show up. We were quite surprised to the amount ( over 8 inches at our place) we received. Today the snow after being glazed over with about 1/2 inch of ice is finally melting. The roads I heard haven’t been good and there’s been alerts to stay off the road!


We enjoyed the snow as much as we could. My son has had a cold since it started and my daughter came down with it yesterday. This season has been rough with all the colds that have been running course through my family! We did let the kids play out just for a little bit due to not having snow pants or proper gloves ( you just don’t invest in those things if you see snow not so often). I didn’t want them getting worse but I also wanted them to enjoy the snow before it was gone. We honestly haven’t seen snow in this amount for over 3-4 years time in our area.
2014-02-08One fun thing we did was make a treat out of the snow! We took fresh snow, a can of sweet condensed milk, and a little bit of vanilla and mixed it all up. The result, delicious snow ice cream! This was a first for all of us! If we have snow again, we are going to try a few more variations.  It reminded me of a snow-cone!


I don’t know if we’ll see snow again this winter since the forecast is predicting rain ahead. As much as we enjoyed it, I think we are ready for Spring to arrive and to get to work on our garden!