Our First Snow Day of 2014!

It seemed the everyone else in the USA had been receiving snow except for us… that is until yesterday. We had a few errands to run ( my husband would have missed this time if it wasn’t for a un-easily rescheduled appointment)  and when we got back it really started coming down, to our surprise!  This was the first time my son  had played in snow and just about the same for my daughter. She’d seen it before but it always melted to soon to be able to really enjoy it and plus we didn’t have a yard and a parking lot wasn’t the best place to run about in it. The kids were running about trying to catch all the flakes in their sand buckets and there were a few snowballs thrown!

Currently it’s really cold out (and there’s ice out there!)! The wind chill is making it many more degrees lower than it actually is!  By this afternoon the snow has just about all melted. The weather people are saying there possibly will be more this weekend. We shall see! I know the kids are crossing their fingers for it and I am too!