The Big Three!

My little boy is growing up! He just turned three years old last week! Overall, he had a great birthday. He personally requested that Mommy (yours truly) include the same little train decoration I had used on his previous cake from when he turned two. I also opted to jazz things up a bit and decorate the circumference with chocolate candy pieces (UNREAL Candy Coated Chocolates to be exact).  I’ll have to say I was pretty happy in how the cake turned out too!

We didn’t celebrate with everyone in the family because we’ve still battling sickness off and on. My husband was home early several days last week from work and on Owen’s birthday he pretty much slept the whole evening. We opted to have our cake celebration on a day other than Owen’s actual birthday on the 9th so Daddy could celebrate too! Low key party at this age was what we all needed after still recuperating from the Holidays.

A few fun items that  Owen got as gifts were a Radio Flyer Ride on Glide on toy, Thomas’ 123 Book, an Angry Bird lunch box, a  couple of garden tools, a pair of gloves, and gift money that he plans to use on some new tracks for his train set from IKEA!

Lots of big things are in store for my son for this year I am sure! Right after Christmas he decided  he wanted to a big boy and start using the potty! As of this month he’s 100% trained! No more diapers ( insert praise and joy from mom and dad here).  As happy, as I am about the potty training it completely signified that the baby stage is far gone. It’s a bitter sweet feeling for me! Though he’s growing into quite the young lad and that makes me so proud. I continue to seek God in helping me to guide Owen to grow into the man God intends for him to be.  Oh what joys and challenges may lie ahead!