Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Ride On Toy! {My review of a fantastic two-in-one toy!}


The “Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Ride On” I gifted to my son for his 3rd birthday. Recognizing the name Radio Flyer from a wagon I had as a child that held up well over time, I was convinced that this toy would probably be of good quality. Though I will say I had my doubts because of the fact this toy can convert two different ways (assuming that would wear it out fast) and it’s not made out of metal like my wagon but of plastic. But after many days of gentle as well as rough play by my son, I’m pleased to announce that the Ride 2 Glide most certainly is holding up extremely well!


The tools needed which aren’t included to put this toy together are a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver. The illustrated instructions to completely construct the Ride 2 Glide were very simple to follow. Assembly was easy and took about 15-20 minutes total from start to finish to put the toy together.

The only problem with construction was that there was a little excess metal on the end of the handlebar pipe that hindered putting it flush with the top with the handlebars. You can simply remedy this issue with a few whacks of a hammer, which you will need anyways, to flatten it.

P1120590  To convert the toy from a ride-on to a glide on, you simply raise the handlebar by twisting the bottom gray base and pull up. You move the seat to the front by easily pushing the back tab, lifting up, and snapping it into place on the front of the toy. The basket and the handlebar height can be moved up or down depending on you preference. It’s all super simple to do in no less than 2-3 minutes.

My son loves the Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Ride On. We’ve let him play with it indoors as well as outdoors. There hasn’t been a day since the toy arrived and was gifted that he hasn’t played with it! He often rides around with his toy hammer and trains in his basket off on some fantastical imaginative adventure. He’s had no issues of maneuvering the toy and zero frustrations with use.


This toy is fantastic because of it’s two-in-one feature allows it to grow with your child. Your child can either ride on the toy or they can use it like a scooter from ages 1-4 years old. It’s nice the toy has three wheels so no worries of balance issues. Though I would recommend investing in a helmet for outdoor play. You can’t beat the price for a toy that double as two! A wonderful toy for in or outdoor use that encourage balance and coordination as well! Highest of recommendations!

Interested in Purchasing? is offering the  Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Ride On for approximately $50.00 with free shipping as of this posting.  A great toy for boys or girls to use  year round to motivate children to have fun, exercise, and get outside!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.