Grumpy Groundhog by by Maureen Wright {Book Review}


Grumpy Groundhog by Maureen Wright illustrated by Amanda Haley is a fun book. This story sheds a little bit of light humorously on this once a year often celebrated US holiday. I believe any child around age three to seven is sure to be taken with it, I know my children were!

As the story starts, we see the mayor as well as a what seems to be a large number of townsfolk and members of the press outside the home of the Groundhog. Everyone is most concerned because the Groundhog is not coming out! The Mayor begins to plead but the Groundhog still refuses! With the dilemma at hand the people shout out ideas and act them out in urging him to come out. Some of the things they do include giving him breakfast in bed, offering him a newspaper to read ( My husband I thought it was funny that the paper read “Groundhog Won’t Come Out”…that must have been some fast printing), and a gift of warm slippers!


I won’t give away if the Groundhog saw his shadow or not but I will let you know he did come out! My kids really liked looking at the illustrations and listening along. Reading this book was fun and the mostly rhyming words of the story made it flow quite well. We’ve read it several times and probably will read it again before Groundhog’s Day arrives. I know this year my kids will be eager to see if that good ole’ Groundhog in Pennsylvania where their great Grandpa lives sees his shadow or not too. Highest of recommendations for at home or in a classroom setting!

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