Ellóre Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set {Review + Discount Code!}


The Ellóre Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set is a fun way to add a little color flair naturally to your hair. I like mixing things up a bit and not only doing up my hair but my daughter whom is age 5 1/2 too! I am a fan that the hair-chalk sticks are formulated from plant pigments and are completely non-toxic!


The application of the hair chalk is rather simple. I would recommend using gloves because the chalk will get on your fingers, hands, and clothes. Note that it does wash easily off of skin and out of clothes. To remove the colored chalk from your hair, you simply need to wash it out with your normal shampooing routine. Personally I found it washed out best when I not only shampooed but conditioned as well.



To apply the chalk, you need to have your hair wet. I prefer wetting a few strands here and there instead of working with all my hair wet. You then can proceed to take the color chalk of choice and and rub it on the desired area of your hair. It’s stated you can set with heat (i.e straighting flat iron) or let hair dry naturally. I used my flat iron with no issue. The color chalk blend really well if you really want to go all out! So far on my dark hair, my favorite combo is light blue and purple mixed together!


My daughter sometimes wants to really mix things up whether in what she wears or how her hair is done. This product is a great solution that’s not permanent! I found that a little bit of the chalk goes a long way when it comes to applying it to hair. I would most certainly recommend it to the next best thing of actually dying it. This mom and daughter give Ellóre Femme 24-Piece Hair Chalk Set our highest of recommendations. Let the fun begin!


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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.