scünci® Hair Accessories! Great for holiday glam…or holiday gifts {review + giveaway}


I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy getting new accessories for my hair. Too often there’s not a whole lot of pizazz going on with hair, I’ll admit. Being a mom of two little ones under the age of five years old more time is spent getting them ready and out the door than myself! Thus you’ll 90% of the time see me sporting a pony tail. But, hey my pony tail or other means to pull up my hair doesn’t have to be boring, by any means!

scünci is a company that offers all sorts of fantastic stylish hair accessories! They are totally one of my tops picks when finding that extra special little styling accessory when it’s called for. I’ve been using their products for years and all have stood the test of time in being long lasting! 

· scünci® No Slip Galaxy Jaw Clip – Raised grip which fuses with your hair to keep your style in place! The cushion hold is super gentle and effective.

· scünci® No Slip Circle Pony Clip – Allows you to come full circle and achieve the all-day hold you know and love, with a new feel!

· scünci® Bendini Clip with Jewel Dangle – Jewelry for your hair or bling for your holiday gift! scünci bendini clips add instant glam in just a bend and a snap!

· scünci® Upzing – Create dozens of different hairstyles with scünci’s UpZing: two side combs connected with an intricate and decorative web of elastic to hold hair effortlessly.

· scünci® Knotted Ponytailers – Add a pop of color to your hair, your wrist or holiday gift!

· scünci® Expandable Headband with Iridescent Finish – Effortless beauty adjusts to all hair types and textures.


The scünci® Knotted Ponytailers are some fab elastics! These elastics haven’t left any imprint on my hair and they don’t snag. The elastics held my thick hair as well as my daughter’s very thin hair very well! If not being worn right away, I like that I can wear these around my wrist without them looking silly or unattractive. These are great for wearing with attire that’s casual or a little more dressed up. They come in a variety of styles so there’s totally something for everyone when it comes to these handy knotted ponytailers.

The scünci® No Slip Circle Pony Clip & scünci® No Slip Galaxy Jaw Clip are pretty similar in design, the only real difference is the size. I’ve never worn a clip that has a raised inner grip that keeps hair staying in place with no slipping. I also found each of these clips extremely comfortable to wear! The clips don’t crimp my hair or cause any other damage! These clips will totally be my go to when I don’t have a lot of time to do something more to my hair. They are cute, stylish, and comfortable. I’m not sure you could ask for anything else that fabulous in any hair accessory!

Interested in Purchasing? The above scünci® hair accessories are available in mass market and drug stores nationwide for a suggested retail value of $2.99-$4.99. All scünci® hair accessories are available in mass market and drug stores nationwide. You can also find lots of these products on with the Add-on Item feature!

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