Our Visit to Peacock Lane in Portland, Oregon


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Over the weekend, we had our family Christmas get-together. We had decided upon doing something together instead of giving gifts ( though if inclined to bless someone with a gift to go ahead and do so but not expect anything in return, obviously). Giving an experience can be a wonderful thing that will be treasured and remembered for years to come.  It’s especially a good thing to do whether you may or may not have money to purchase something for everyone in the family. Gifts can start totaling a lot when you have a large number of siblings, nieces, nephews, parents, step-parents, grandparents, and close friends.

So, we took a stroll through  Peacock Lane in Portland, Oregon with my in-laws since making a trip to North Carolina or Georgia is out of the question for us this year to visit my family. Peacock Lane is totally “free”! And the seasonal light display was a delight to see first hand! It’s been a tradition since the 1920’s! The Tudor houses were beautiful and it was exciting to see how each one would be decorated.

When we went it was quite busy but that was to be expected opening night which pedestrian only. The weather wasn’t too cold at all though we did make sure to bundle the kids up with blankets in their double stroller. The cheerful playing of Christmas carols on bagpipes as well as a local choir singing filled you with a warmth all on its own. A local breastfeeding bank was offering free hot chocolate  which was quite delicious too!

I would suggest going on a week day if you want to avoid large crowds. There were a lot of dogs when we went and thankfully my son that isn’t a huge fan was to distracted to mind. Typically he’d be freaking out. We had a good time overall! Some of our favorite light displays included Dr. Who, Star Wars, a House with Giant wrapped Candy, and I of course loved seeing all the different Nativities.

If anyone reading this may be local to the area you can still check out Peacock Lane December 15 – 30: 6 pm – 11 pm nightly, 6 pm-midnight Dec. 24 and 31. , Thursday December 30 | Free. http://www.peacocklane.net/