Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Blu-Ray + DVD Combo + Digital Copy {Review }


“The Invincible Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk must join forces to save the Earth from its greatest threat yet! When two Hydra scientists try to supercharge a Stark Arc Reactor with Hulk’s Gamma Energy, they unleash a being of pure electricity called Zzzax – and he’s hungry for destruction. Together, Iron Man and Hulk are the only force that stands in the way of the Zzzax’s planetary blackout. But first, the super heroic duo will have to get through snarling Wendigos, deadly robots and the scaly powerhouse, Abomination.

Can two of Marvel’s mightiest heroes find a way to work together without smashing each other before time runs out?”

Tony Stark in Iron Man Hulk Heroes UnitedOur Thoughts..

We recently sat down to watch Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United. As a mom of a son and a daughter that tends to favor super heroes, I welcomed this Marvel hero movie expecting it to be fun and mainly kid friendly. The storyline didn’t throw any twist in but it didn’t disappoint either. It kept us interested enough to see how the unique personalties of our favorite heroes would mix together to defeat Zzzax.

I will point out there’s a pg rating on this movie. With that in mind, note there’s action violence and a bit of name calling ( nothing I consider very bad). My family and I thought it was pretty fun to see The Hulk and Iron Man working together to save the day. The action was pretty much non-stop from start to finish!

The animation of this film is CG and looked to me like a video game. The sound effects fit perfectly and nothing seemed off at all. Everything blended well and ran smoothly. Sometimes CG movies to me have seemed box like and the characters voice overs didn’t quite fit the animation. Nothing like that here at all!

Run time of Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United is 71 minutes, not too long or short. There are a few bonus features to check out! The Blu-Ray+DVD+ Digital copy is great version to purchase if you plan on loading the movie up on the go to pull up on the computer or laptop when possible your tv may be used by someone else in the family.

My son whom is turning 3 in a couple of weeks has personally asked to watch the movie again. I can see that his love for super heroes is bound to grow even more after seeing Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United. We are excited to see what other Marvel character mash-ups flicks that might come out in the future!


Interested in Purchasing? Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United can be bought or purchased in many retailers near you! I would personally recommend looking on as they offer fantastic prices and you could also rent it before you buy it!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.