Snow Dog, Go Dog {Book Review}

Snow Dog, Go Dog is a super catchy book. The story written in rhyme cleverly keeps the listeners listening and the readers reading. It’s not that long of a book. It’s just the right size for the story at hand and it keeps the attention of younger children quite well.

What drew me right away to the book was the cover illustration. The dog and his exuberant expression drew my children in too. The color of the art through out the book isn’t muted but bright and cheerful much like the characters in the story. The words tell a good a bit of the story but the illustration really bring to book to life.

As the story begins, we meet a very energetic and happy dog named Tinka. Tinka and her boy seem to be inseparable. The two throughout the book enjoy all sorts of romping, racing, sledding, playing hide and seek, and more. Though when Tinka’s other dog companion greets her at the park, she becomes a bit too excited from running and chasing that she ends up getting lost from her family!

The story has a happy ending so not to be worried! Tinka and her boy are reunited and very happy to be together again! My children ages nearly three and five years old were quite taken with this story. My daughter (age 5) was able to read most of this book all her own! It has helps tremendously with her rhyming skills as well. So totally a great book for an early reader!


I really like Snow Dog, Go Dog. I think it would be wonderful book to ready over and over again during the Winter Season. I see that this book is also a companion to Fun Dog, Sun Dog and School Dog, Cool Dog…all books I most certainly will consider purchasing for my kids!

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