Westcott Soft Handle Kids Scissors with Microban Protection


The Wescott Soft Handle Kids Scissors that offers a lifetime warranty are a must have tool for use at home or in the classroom for projects and all sorts of crafts. The 12 pack comes in a variety of colors, each pair of scissors being a combination of two. For instance, there’s a pair of pink and green, a pair of blue and orange, green and blue, and dark blue and a lighter blue. There are three pair in each unique color combination.

I have a daughter (age 5) whom is right handed and son (nearly 3) that’s left handed. So I often have to purchase separate pairs of scissors for them both to use. These scissors are suited well for either hand preference! There is no more issues between my kids when using each others and no more having to search high and low for left handed scissors.

My children have enjoyed using these scissors when cutting quite a bit. There’s been no hand cramping or other frustrations. The handles have soft plastic with of bit of grip texture that prevents slipping when being used.With these scissors, we’ve cut paper, thin plastic, string, card stock, and so much more super easily!

The stainless steel blades are rounded at the end to ensure safety when cutting. The plastic handles are infused with Microban which provides protection to inhibit the growth against bacterial odors. This would be great in a large classroom where germs can be spread more easily.

Overall, I highly recommend these scissors! It does say that it comes with a storage rack but it’s really just two pieces of plastic with spaces for the scissors to stand upright with spots that can pop together. I couldn’t get it to stay together very well so I just stored my scissors elsewhere. Other than that it doesn’t take away from the great quality of the scissors! Get these, you won’t be disappointed!

Interested in Purchasing? Westcott Soft Handle Kids Scissors with Microban Protection, Assorted Colors, 5″ Blunt, 12 Pack (14873) can be purchased on Amazon.com for 19.99 as of this posting.

Disclosure: My family and I received the product mentioned in this post on Connected2Christ in exchange for our honest review. No other compensation was given. My Amazon affiliate link is embedded in this post.)