Teamson Kids Pirate Boat Wooden Bookshelf/Play House with Figurines


The Teamson Kids Pirate Boat Wooden Bookshelf & Play House is unique. It has definitely been a hit with my nearly three year old son as well as my five year old daughter. The design screams fun and most certainly has kid appeal. What child wouldn’t be intrigued and want to spend all day pretending they have their own personal pirate crew that would be sailing the high seas, going on adventures, and finding buried treasure?

The entire ship looks much like what a pirate ship should. Each of the shelves feature different parts of the ship from the treasure room, the cabin, a kitchen area, and even the Captains Quarters. On top of the shelf there’s an area that you could store numerous thing that a child may have from toys to books. The doors on the playhouse can be opened and closed with a magnetic latch.

Let’s talk about assembly of this product. I was worried when I started taking out the pieces it would be flimsy, but upon putting it together, it is actually quite sturdy, and has good design. The holes are placed in such a way there is wiggle room to put in the screws as you go. I didn’t have to disassemble anything because holes didn’t line up. Once screw I had trouble with going in all the way. I stripped the head (not the threads) getting it in as far as I could, nearly all the way in.

The parts seemed to be packed properly, nothing was broken or missing. The included instructions are clear enough and rely on pictures. The pictures show sufficient detail and I had few problems finding the right pieces. I never had to remove a piece because it was the wrong one.


In addition to the the Teamson Kids Pirate Boat Wooden Play House, figurines are included. The figurines feature a jolly looking pirate crew of 7 as well as two animals which are a monkey and parrot. There are also four wooden cannons which can be placed on deck and can poke through the ships designed cannon area when the playhouse doors are closed.

The wooden figurines stand up all their own and can fit into slots on the doors that are designed to look like ladders inside the ship or the figurines can be placed to climb the mast on the outside when the doors of the playhouse are closed. Actually I didn’t even realize this at first and the kids pointed it out.

All the included pieces seem safe and the play house as a whole as well. The design of everything is very sturdy and I really like it’s made out of Eco-Friendly Wood. Everything appears to be of the top most quality and will last for years. I highly recommend it for any child or children that is into pirates!


Interested in Purchasing? Teamson Kids Pirate Boat Wooden Bookshelf/Play House with Figurines can be purchased on for $100.00 with free shipping as of this posting. Note it’s suggested retail price is nearly $300.00 so this is quite a deal!

*I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.*