Teamson Kids Fancy Mansion Wooden Doll House with Furniture {Review}



This is a doll house that any little girl would love. My daughter age 5, simply has adored playing with this house since we gifted it to her. Some days for hours on end even, I find her playing with it. She’s hugged me nearly every day thanking me for her lovely house. It’s pretty large and makes a great home for a Barbie sized doll or those just a little shorter than Barbie. There’s even a really cute white linked balcony for your child’s dolls to play upon!

I would give this house 5 stars though there are several important things that need to be mentioned that caused me to dock a star. My parenting loves however are that the Doll house is FSC certified, environmentally friendly, made from quality wood, and that it’s a fun make believe prop that encourages imaginative play.

Upon opening the package, three of the furniture items were broken or damaged. One chair the arm was completely separated, on the bed one leg was bent (and eventually broke off by a little brother) and one of the couches was dented on the top edge. The former two my husband mended with super glue. The latter will just have to stay that way. If packed better this would probably not have happened.

I’m not sure if replacement pieces can be sent out or purchased separately but that would be something to look into if by any chance the item ships and gets damaged before it gets to you. I hear the company this Dollhouse is from has very friendly customer service.

The house pieces were in good condition, no issues whatsoever. The bright & cheerful colors and illustrated interior as well exterior are very nice. Assembling wasn’t difficult, but it did take a while. The picture instructions are clear and finding the correct piece wasn’t an issue. It even reminds you to check the facing on some pieces so you don’t put it backwards.

The final construction feels pretty sturdy and I believe it will hold up to general use for years the years to come.

Interested in Purchasing?   Teamson Kids Fancy Mansion Wooden Doll House with Furniture can be purchased for $98.00 as of this posting.

*I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.*