Slithery Snakes By: Roxie Munro {Book Review}



Slithery Snakes is a great book to use when teaching children about these beautiful and often mysterious creatures. The book features nine different species of snakes (Viper, Coral Snake, Python, Boa, Garter Snake, Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake, Rattler, Spitting Cobra, and Diamondback ) that are located in many different places from all around the world.

As you start reading the book, the first page you come across list a number of fun snake facts. I learned many facts about snakes myself that I had no idea about! For example, did you know that there are no snakes in Ireland or New Zealand? Also how about the fact that the worlds smallest snake is a Thread Snake which only measures in at 5 inches long.

As you continue on through the book there’s a page that basically gives a brief history of snakes and informs about how they’ve been noticed from long ago (It all started with Eve in the Garden of Eden). It also gives mention about how people have been captivated as well as quite frightened of their existence.


After the introduction, readers are introduced to one species at a time of the nine that are covered in this book. How the snakes are introduced are first by a two page spread of the nothing but the snakes colorfully patterned scales and a bit of information about the snake, giving readers just enough information to give a decent guess as to what species of snake it might be.

On the page following the guess of the type of snake, the particular species is then identified with a good bit of information from where it lives and what it eats, and more. There’s also a beautifully detailed two page spread illustration that features the whole snake in its natural habitat.snake3

In ending the book, there’s a section of Fun Snake Words. Kids can really expand their vocabulary ( I know even I did)! There are also a few websites listed where learning even more about snakes.

Overall, I believe this book would be a wonderful addition to any home or classroom, especially for any snake lover. Other ideas for use is to have kids study the illustrations and try to draw the snakes! The close up illustrations of the scales would be pretty easy to mimic so I think this book has a ton of potential. I definitely recommend it.

Interested in Purchasing?  Slithery Snakes can be purchased in Kindle ($3.99) or hardcover ($10.00) format as of this posting.

*I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.*