Skwooshi™ a Fun Moldable Compound by Irwin Toy! {Review}


My children really enjoy playing with anything that they can manipulate to create something else. Hours and hours of playtime in my home are spent with mold-able materials. And because of  that , we are constantly going through and replacing clay and other sort of play-dough soften. That was until we came across Skwooshi, an amazing new compound that is completely mess free and doesn’t dry out at all!

Skwooshi is an affordable totally kid and adult appealing (my husband loves the stuff and so do I!) compound that you can stretch, squish, squash, and mold into all sorts of amazing things. As I mentioned before, it cleans up like a dream being completely mess free ( no fear of getting stuck to the carpet or clothes) and it never dries out ensuring endless play.  It’s a pretty amazing compound as is goes from a solid to almost what seems like water or very loose sand to mold-able solid like magic! It’s pretty amazing!

The product comes in 10 different colors. If the product gets mixed with another color it will obviously lose it’s original shade. There are numerous action, activity, and a variety of mold sets available from Irwin Toys for Skwooshi. My kids have been enjoying a Race Car and Rocket Ship Action Set which comes with 2 storage containers which double as texture molds, 4 ounces of compound, 2 translucent actions figure molds, and 2 vehicle capsules. There’s a train & ship set that I’m considering getting for my train loving little boy.

The Skwooshi has provided my kids with a lot of fun and has made clean up time so easy for me because it’s completely mess free! I don’t think I can say how much I adore the no mess thing. Often I’m scrubbing dough off the floor, the table, out of kids hair, and trying to get it out of clothes. But no more thanks to this awesome innovative product! It’s a bonus that my kids enjoy using the product with the molds as well as with other things in our dough playing supply bucket. They roll it, the use dough cutters, they imprint it with patterns, and more!  Also I wanted to mention that the dough is Gluten free & dough doesn’t contain any wheat for those they have allergies.

I would recommend checking this out for kids ages three and up. It was such a hit with my own kids and I am most certain that it will appeal to all boys and girl of all ages.  The Holiday season is fast approaching and this would be a great gift! The variety of sets and other buying options offered would be perfect to stuff stockings or to get a bit bigger activity set as a larger gift. Also the options are pretty budget friendly too which is something I really appreciate!


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