Pantone: Color Puzzles {Book Review}


Patone: Color Puzzles is an engaging book that is quite eye appealing. Children will learn all about primary colors and that they can come in a variety of shades. What really makes this book stand out are the playful, innovative, and simply irresistible illustrations. The hands-on appeal that this book is also a puzzle makes it much more desirable.

My preschool aged son adores this book. He’s a puzzle lover already so that makes this book that much more fun for him. He already knows his colors but I’m using it to show him that often the main colors can differ in shades that can be darker or lighter.

The colors found in this title are Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. Each color takes up a full two page spread. On the left side of the spread, there is a one color illustration featuring many shades with lift-able puzzle pieces. Those puzzle pieces then can be matched and placed into the allotted patterned slots on the opposite page. The shades for example can vary from Tomato Red to Blueberry Blue. Each shade within the 4 section grid on the left also features the Patone number in where it can be found. 


I would recommend that a parent or caregiver would remove the pieces on the left page before a child uses it. The pieces are firmly in place and child would have a hard time removing them and become frustrated. After removed the pieces easily can be placed back in and out without any trouble. Just take this into consideration if you plan on giving it as a gift and having a child play with it right away.

This puzzle book overall is very durable and has been used a lot by my son since we’ve gotten it. I can’t sing enough praise on how much I love the Pantone series of books geared toward children. This Puzzle Coloring matching book is a wonderful learning tools that can spark a love of art and color in whomever may happen to enjoy these pages. A hands on approach to learning about color that stimulates visual senses, I’d say we have a winner.


If interested, you can purchase  Pantone: Color Puzzles: 6 Color-Matching Puzzles for $15.00 as of the posting and it’s also eligible for free shipping.

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