Mr. Palindrome’s “Smiley Face Sticker” {Children’s Music Review + Giveaway}


Mr. Palindrome’s “Smiley Face Sticker” is one of the most fun sing-along kids music albums we’ve enjoyed all year! This extremely catchy collection  is full of more than just silly songs but a lot of early grammar knowledge too. As a homeschool parent, I appreciate children music artists offering songs in which can add to what children may already be learning!  So if you want your kids get an early look at grammar concepts such as anagrams, onomatopeia, palindromes, and alliteration in the most fun of ways, I recommend you check this album out!

There are 10 tracks on this album. Most songs are upbeat in tune and extremely catchy in lyric. Even I’ve been going around humming throughout the day and singing along with the songs are being played. My kids that are preschool and kindergarten age have asked me several times a week to play the “Sticker Man” CD.

One of my kids favorites is  the song “Backwards Alphabet” in which they’ll be introduced to what Palindrome is! How cool is that? They haven’t quite been able to sing the alphabet backwards by heart but I bet with practice and this fun song  it can done. A silly song that gets the kids cracking up is about Mr. Balloon and one my whole family knows by heart is the title track Smiley Face Sticker. Onomatopoeia has been a real fun one to sing and then challenge the kids to tell me some words that make their own sounds. And who wouldn’t love The Real Adventures of Incy Wincy Spider? There are so many great tracks to enjoy!

We highly recommend checking out Mr. Palindrome’s “Smiley Face Sticker” album. We know we’ll look out for his next released album in the future! And maybe we’ll be able to catch one of his Northwest concert touring dates in December or January! offers parents and teachers activity ideas to enhance learning. On his YouTube vlog, Mr. Palindrome also demonstrates crafts like how to make a pencil case or build a cup tower, all simple and silly ways to have fun and learn new things.

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