Little Book of Great Dates: 52 Creative Ideas to Make Your Marriage Fun


The Little Book of Great Dates is a simple yet straight to the point book that opens the door to building a closer relationship with your spouse. Let’s admit it, often romance and just spending one on one time with your spouse usually takes a a back seat often getting lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Greg & Erin Smalley, husband and wife team and authors of this great little book offer up practical, useful, and creative ways to rekindle romance and strengthen your marriage.

This book makes the perfect gift and it’s ideal for use to begin going through the first of a calendar year. There are fifty-two dates making that a total years worth of ideas and suggestions to follow. I believe you can pick this book up at anytime, skim through and pick a date suggestion that might work best for you and your significant other without following exactly the first date to the fifty-second directly. As long as it works for you and your spouse that’s all that matters.

Each date in the book starts with a quote, a title pertaining to the discussion topic at hand, a few date ideas, and questions. Not every date suggestion would work for everyone but it’s definitely a challenge to move a little bit out of your own comfort zone. Perhaps you and your spouse per the suggestions given may discover something completely new that you both grow to love sharing in together.

The Little Book of Great Dates includes some suggestions for special-occasion dates, couple’s anniversaries (first date, engagement, wedding), birthdays, and more. The book is small in size, imitation leather type bound so it could easily fit into a pocket or a purse and no worry of it getting bent up or destroyed. If you are on the go for an evening out already but are looking for discussion prompts, you could easily just pull this book out and read through one of the date topics together.

I believe this book is a great little resource for any married couple at any point in their marriage to pick up. Suggestions of dates and thoughts to ponder within these pages can spark a rekindling as well as continuing to strengthen any relationship. We should be encouraged to learn something new about our spouses every day and to fall back on some of our most cherished memories together in the past.

If you know a newly wed couple or if you want to bless a couple you know or pick it up for yourself, I would recommend it!

Interested in Purchasing?  Little Book of Great Dates: 52 Creative Ideas to Make Your Marriage Fun (Focus on the Family Books) is available on e-reader as well as a imitation leather version for around $10.00.

**To facilitate this review,Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.” **