LEGO KidsFest Portland here through Oct 12 & 13! #LEGOKidsfest

Yesterday evening, my husband I took the kids to the Lego KidsFest in Portland Oregon. Our kids age five and almost three are hugely into anything Lego related. Once learning that a Lego event would be traveling to our area we knew we’d need to get on board to take part in everything it had to offer.

In entering the convention center doors where the event is being held, visitors make their way directly into the Model Museum. This section of the event is awesome for taking really great photos. Some of the life sized Lego Brick Model creations to be seen include: Lighting McQueen, Various Star Wars Characters, Buzz & Woody, Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk,  Hobbit characters Gandalf & Bilbo, and many more.  My kids were in awe of all the creations in this area!

Parents will be pleased to know that there is a very noticeable “Lost Parents Zone”.  This area is very easy to locate (look for the big yellow tent) and is near the entrance.  It was encouraged that parents write their cell phone numbers down and put it in their child’s pocket or in their shoe for quicker reuniting in case someone gets lost. Cards are offered free if you by chance need one.  Over the span of the evening I heard a lot of names called of kids that got separated, just know if it happens to you, the people at the event are more than happy to help reunite you with your child.

Much fun is to be had at the event and it does well to cover the span of children of all ages. My kids are on the younger end but still had tons of fun and really hated when we had to leave for the evening.  Numerous building stages cover most of the event floor. There  were race ramps, giant brick piles,Lego Master Build workshops, games, raffles, art galleries to display your own work during that session, activities, familly challenge zones, a DK Reading Rest Stop, fun brickscapes  to look at, prizes to be won, and more!

My five year old daughter recently has taken a liking to Lego Friends and was thrilled to play with the blocks in that specific themed area and pose by her favorite characters. I guess we know what will be on her Christmas list this year! It gave me as a parent an opportunity to see what my kids were really interested in when it comes to the Lego world. My son age 2 almost 3 spent a good amount of time in the Lego Duplo brick pile building all sorts of fun creations. He saw a Duplo Brickscape and informed me that I needed to make happen that he should have some of those at home. My daughter keeps asking when we can go back and play there again.

Parents will love that Bissell has a Perfect Sweep Turbo vacuum out that can pick up Lego Bricks! There were demonstrations of this vacuum on the floor and I can vouch having ones myself that  it really does the job. At the Activity Area, there were games using the vacuum to see who could clear the most blocks first. Just think no more stepping on all those little Lego Bricks! You have to wonder why no one came out with something as wonderful as this a lot sooner!

Honest Tea had a booth at the event and were giving out free samples. We got to try out their Berry Berry Good Lemonade & Super Fruit Punch flavors. The beverages contain no high fructose corn syrup and are a healthier organic beverage option. My kids were total fans! I’m so glad they are supporters of Lego too!

One of are most favorite areas at the event was the Art Gallery! In this area, there are  Lego plates and scores of thousands of single dot bricks. From there anyone could free build a design on the plate. There  were patterns provided  if you wanted to go that route. Once done there was a two-sided wall of art where anyone could put their art on. We saw penguins, a TARDIS, a jack-o-lantern, Pac Man,  and much more.

Overall we had an awesome experience and have already decided that we will be attending again! Parking was easy and the staff super friendly and very helpful.

The good news for my readers is that  LEGO Kidsfest is still going on today and tomorrow (Oct 12-13) at the Portland, Oregon Convention Center.  For more information on Lego Kidsfest visit & to purchase tickets please visit:

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*I received tickets to the event in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.*