ABC Fiesta by Mister G {Children’s Music Album}


Whether Spanish is your first or second language, you’re certainly going to want to check out ABC Fiesta by Mister G! The fun musical styles of funk, folk, pop, bossa nova and more are a fantastic mix of sounds that make up many of the great songs found on this album. I think it’s a good idea to expose kids to different cultures and a great way that really appeals to most children is through music!  Just so you know, this album is not limited to just Spanish there’s a good mix of English lyrics thrown in as well. After listening to this with my family, I think the album would be great for home or school listening, dancing, and singing along with.

Tracks on the Album

1. Hola Amigos
2. Quiero Leer
3. Cuento
4. Habichuelas
5. ABC Fiesta
6. Vamos a la Playa
7. La Guagua
8. Cocodrilo
9. Frota tu Panza
10. Paleta
11. Ratones
12. Bongo Bongo

You can Listen by following this link now!  If you love it, feel free to download a free song here! 

Official Music Video of  “ABC Fiesta”

Upcoming Mister G Concerts

  • October 27 – Acadmy at Music Center, Northampton, MA
  • November 9 – Schuba’s Tavern – Chicago, IL
  • November 10 –Musical Merry-Go- Rounds, St. Louis, MO
  • November 23 – Passim, Boston, MA
  • December 6 – Palto Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, Palto Alto, CA
  • December 7 – Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito, CA
  • December 7 – Temporarily Jewish Music Center, San Francisco, CA
  • December 15 –  Santa Monica, CA

ABC Fiesta CD by Mister G (All Ages) | | Mister G on Facebook

ABC Fiesta by Mister G  can be purchased digitally for $9.99 and for a physical copy $ 15.00. You can learn more about Mister G and purchase the album for yourself if interested at

**To facilitate this review, I was provided me with a complimentary CD of this album.” **