Wilson Jones Ultra Duty 1 inch D-Ring binder in the Army Green Color {review}

binder1My thoughts on the Wilson Jones Ultra Duty 1 inch D-Ring binder in the color of army green, place it at just a mere average ranking.

What first caught my attention were the raised air bubbles that were on the outside of the binder. For the price of the binder, I would expect a smooth crisp cover without any sort of flaw. So far, the PVC Free polypropylene cover hasn’t cracked or shown wear with use. The material used states to be better for the environment and that it last 10x longer than vinyl. It’s just the fact that there are un-sightly raised bubbles on the binder that are a slight turn off for me.

The color of this binder states it’s army green. But to me, it’s more spring green that would go exceptionally well with a daisy yellow. If you are thinking a darker more army/camouflage type green note that’s it’s nothing like it. It’s much brighter of a green than expected.

The binder features that are quite appealing are the the 4 inner pockets and the D-Lock never-gap rings. The pockets are transparent, full sized, and located two on each binder side. The D-Lock rings are easy to open just one touch! My single sheets of paper as well as my plastic pocket protectors fit into the binder no problem and haven’t slipped or spilled out at all! I like that I can fill the binder to maxium capacity and not worry about the inner rings opening and freeing all my papers.

This binder is 1″ inch and can hold up to 275 sheets of paper. It is backed by a 5-year performance guaranty. Colors also available include power pink, eggplant, dark red, yellow, baby blue, red, navy, dark orange, and more. Totally appealing color list to the younger crowd or those that just want a little more color in their home office supplies.

The Wilson Jones Ultra Duty D-Ring Binder with Extra Durable Hinge can be found on Amazon.com in numerous colors and sizes ranging from $9.00-$12.00.

*I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.*