The 2nd Annual Rose City Comic Con #RCCC

My five year old daughter posing beside R2D2 at the Rose City Comic Con

The Rose City Comic Con celebrated their second run this last weekend on the 21st and 22nd of September. This is the first year my family were able to attend and it most certainly won’t be our last. This family friendly event geared toward those of all ages  quadrupled in size since the previous year  in which it was held in a hotel conference room.Visitors this year got the privilege of attending at the Oregon Convention Center. There was definitely a whole lot more space to accommodate gaming geeks, comic lovers, and  fans of pop culture!

My kids got a kick out of the Spock and Captain Kirk puppets from the original Star Trek.

Celebrity guests who made an appearance for photo opps, signatures, and panels this year at the The 2nd Annual Rose City Comic Con included:  Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), John DiMaggio (Futurerama), David Giuntoli (Detective Nick Burckhardt on Portland- based TV series Grimm), Lee Arenberg (Pirates of the Carribean & ABC series Once Upon a Time), Jewel Saite known as Kaylee in Joss Whedon’s Firefly, Sam Jones (Flash Gordon, Ted), and more!

1966 Batmobile made famous by original TV Caped Crusader Adam West

There’s was a lot of things to do such as the attending of panels, playing board games, cosplay competitions, meeting celebrities as well as comic artist, and getting lots of photos with all the awesome cosplayers making their own way around the convention. One of our favorite photos that I was able to take was of my five year old daughter and R2D2! She’s really liked getting to see the robots and everyone in their fun costumes. My two year old son on the other hand got scared a few times of some of the costumed people. So if your little one scares easily it might be best to hang more around the Kids Area of the convention.

Face Paint done by a Princess

The Kids Area at the Con located near the board gaming area, had face painting, balloon animals, coloring sheets, puppets, Comics 4 Kids, and more for the kids. My children were thrilled to see all the Princesses which included Rapunzel, Snow White, Belle, & Cinderella! My daughter had her face painted and magic wand balloon made which kept her pretty happy during our time at the convention. These things did cost a little extra but all funds were going toward Dragon Theater, a group that puts on quality entertainment for the whole family that’s fun and educational!

Old School Gaming Goodness!

I was pleased to see there were old school coin operated game machines that were fully playable! Games included: Tetris, Astreroids, Bubble Bobble, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Tappers, and more!  Talk about a blast from the past! These games are a walk down memory lane that both old and young were able to have some fun on!

Cartoonist Keith Tucker posing for a photo!

My husband got the opportunity to get a few of his comic books signed and also got to meet cartoonist Keith Tucker that worked on his favorite child-hood cartoon Pinky & the Brain. He also got his Axe Cop books signed by the comic’s artist Ethan Nicolle. It was so cool to get to say hi and that we appreciated and enjoy their work. It’s always great to hear some personal  stories from your favorite artist and to learn what some  their inspirations are!  Among those we already knew about, we also discovered some new comics that we most certainly will be checking out as well.

Ethan Nicolle creator of Axe Cop

Overall we really enjoyed the 2nd Annual Rose City Comic Con. Everyone was friendly and  there were things to do for the whole family! We plan to go again next year and encourage everyone else who might be in the area to check it out too! Hands down, an event not to be missed. I’d even recommend going both days it’s held for a really full experience.

Awesome Steam Punk Cosplay!
Intricately detailed Steam Punk Cosplay Costumes that impressed us quite a bit!

*As a member of the Cascadia Connecte Bloggers Group, I received tickets to the Rose City Comic Con in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.*