LeapFrog:LeapReader Writing Workbook: Write it! Talking Words Factory {Review}


The Leap Frog Leap Reader Writing Workbook: Write It! Talking Words Factory is a great learning aid in helping your child become a stronger reader! Please make sure to take into consideration to use this product to its full potential, you’ll need to have a LeapReader which is sold separately. This set only includes the work book itself and a bonus of extra workbook writing paper.

The age recommendations are for 4-8 year old children. I’ve just begun teaching my 5 year old daughter to read so this workbook was perfect for us. My daughter knows her letter sounds and some basic phonics but we’ve only just started putting those together to make words. I knew she’d be excited about this workbook as we’ve been quite the fan of the Leap Frog line of DVD’s and other fun learning products since she was little.


In this workbook, children are included in helping Leap, Lily, and Professor Quigley combine letters to make singing words for a concert after the letters got mixed up! There is much emphasis on learning about the short letter sounds of vowels and how vowels are like glue which is needed to hold words together.

Aside from the story, this book has a lot of fun interactive features that really gets children involved in learning while having fun and feeling accomplished. There are word building games, word searches, hand-writing practice, matching a word to the correct picture on page, songs, and more!

As you make your way through the book you’ll see that a certain vowel is introduced every two-page spread or so. The sound is played as well as repeated and there are a number of words to click on that include that particular vowel sound. The words usually rhyme which is great for a child to pick up on. I counted and there’s about 40 words that can be learned in this workbook! Many of the word are consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant (CCVC) words, and word families (-an, -en, -ap, -in, -ig, -ed, -ug, -ot, -op, & -un).

Something I really like about the workbook is that the words are actually sounded out slowly instead of just read as is directly. Hearing the slowing down of a word being read has really helped my own child try to sound them out and see how each letter blended together can make words! The fact everything is pretty much click-able has been a feature my daughter likes and she totally likes all the interactive games.

Handwriting is a feature that is included in this book but it’s a bit limited if you want to continue to practice it with the book over and over again. There are special writing paper extras included but once those are used up you’ll likely need to purchase more. It’s a neat feature without need for any other product like dry erase or a pencil (no mess if you were traveling, etc). I do think it’s neat you can just press down with your Leap Reader and the mark will show up on the paper. Though your child can just practice over their previous mark if they like ( learning through repetition can be a really good thing). Or a child can practice these words separately on their own writing pad.

Overall, I am very happy with the LeapFrog LeapReader Writing Workbook: Write it! Talking Words Factory. And what really counts is how much my children like it and they do! I’m highly recommending it for any child just learning to read! After my experience with this workbook, I’m excited to purchase a few more different types of these work books for my children soon ( like the Human Body one!)!

Interested in Purchasing? LeapFrog LeapReader Writing Workbook: Write it! Talking Words Factory & the LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System can be found on Amazon.com, Wal* Mart and other major retailers!

Disclaimer: I was sent several products to review from Kidorable. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.