How to Be a Cat by Nikki McClure {Picture Book Review}


The Minimalistic yet intricate paper cutouts and color tone chosen for this book caught me right away. And after the cover art grasped me, so did the title “How To Be A Cat”. Exactly what would I find throughout the pages of this book? Would there be a long explanation or perhaps a silly little story? Would it be a real page turner?

The story within the pages of this tale are told with a single word of text on each page and it plays out within the illustrations vividly taking up full page spreads. The story is of a day that a kitten and an older cat might would have together. Perhaps the older cat is a mother, father, teacher, it’s not clear but it doesn’t have to be. The reader or child being read the story can simply decipher that character in whatever way they please.


My three year old son is quite taken with this story. He’s learned new words such feast instead of eat and tumble instead of the word fall. We made a fun game of searching for the blue butterfly and the chickadee bird through the story. It was quite fun to see how those would be included and how they were placed within the illustrations.

The story demonstrates precisely what it is to be cat. Words, actions, and illustrations found within include pounce, listen, explore, scratch, and more. There’s triumphs and failures throughout but the student always was reassured by the older cat during not always succeeding. It’s really quite a lovely book. It would be great for those of all ages, especially cat lovers.


 How to Be a Cat can be purchased on in numerous formats such as Kindle, Hard Cover, or Paperback. Prices start at $9.00 and up.

*I received a copy of How to Be a Cat from the Abrams Apple Seed Blog Network in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.*