Dino Construction Company – Boom the Brachiosaurus Backhoe {Review & Giveaway}


I have a nearly three year old little boy and he loves playing in the dirt whether digging, scooping, pouring running vehicles over, under, and through. Loud noises? Yes, he’ll often pretend to be a monster or a large dinosaur on occasion stomping and roaring as he goes! So, when I heard about an exciting line of vehicles that were part dinosaur and part construction I knew my son would be in great favor of playing with them!

Dino Construction Company Brachiosaurus Backhoe Vehicle  from the Dino Construction Company has been quite the hit in our home. Though, not just with my son but also with my five year old daughter! This toy is pretty impressive and has been well loved. The play-ability factor is endless (especially if your little one like to use their imagination a lot) and the toy hasn’t gotten boring or old to my kids since they’ve gotten it (about two weeks since this review). 

Let’s talk about Boom, one of four of the Dino Construction Company toys line. The toy as I mentioned is part dinosaur (Brachiosarus in this case) & part backhoe. It has a fully working backhoe arm and scoop. The neck is telescoping and the jaws in the front can open and close as well as in the back with ease. The cab can move with 360 degree action! The treads on the vehicle make actual Dino tracks when ran across dirt or damp sand! My kids kept declaring the toy as “awesome” at every little feature they discovered all on their own.


My kids had no trouble maneuvering the toy or getting frustrated at all. I’ve let my kids play with the vehicle outdoors as well as in. When outside they’ll usually play with the toy in the sand digging, scooping, and driving here and there. There’s usually stick or leaves that my kids pretend the dinosaur is eating it. Indoors they’ll have the dino pick of blocks and other items and often give the task of driving the vehicle to one of their little block people as it’s just the right size for it.

Parent favorite features that I love is that the toy is kid powered! No batteries necessary for endless hours of play. Also the are no metal parts so no worry of rust if the toy is left outdoors. Durability is fantastic because the toy has taken a lot of play and still looks as good as new. The colors are very kid appealing not overly bright nor dull either.


There’s no doubt at all that the entire vehicle line from the Dino Construction Company will do nothing less than impress both boys and girls whom are into that sorta thing. It’s truly unique when you can take two general interest that many kids love like dinosaurs and construction vehicles put them together and make one amazing toy! Just be warned, once your kids have one, there’s a good chance they are going to want to collect the others and who could blame them? These toys are truly a must for indoor or especially outdoor play!

* Dino Construction Company™ Ankylosaurus Steam Roller was just honored with an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award Gold Seal and was chosen as part of their Best Outdoor Toys for Fall!*

Interesting in Purchasing? Boom the Brachiosaurus Backhoe Vehicle  is one of 4 Dino Construction Company toys and retails for $39.99. The others are Spike the Anklyosaurus Steam Roller, Wrecker the T-Rex Skid Loader and T-Top the Triceratops Bulldozer.  You can find these fantastic toys on Amazon (Educational Insights Dino Construction Company Brachiosaurus Backhoe Vehicle $29.44 & FREE Shipping.) as well as at Educational Insights.

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*I received the product mentioned above in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.*