The Magic School Bus in a Pickle & Revving Up on DVD

On July 30th, Scholastic released “The Magic School Bus In A Pickle” DVD & a Three DVD pack called the “Magic School Bus called Revving Up”! This DVD award winning series are must haves in educating children at home or in any school classroom on the world of Science in fun and exciting way.

The Magic School Bus is a cartoon that I personally enjoyed growing up! I am really excited that smaller collections such as these are being released if you don’t have the funds to get the entire collection at once which was previously released onto DVD.

My children ages almost 3 and 5 1/2 are huge fans of the Magic School Bus (age recommendations are 4-10). Since I homeschool, I’m using the collection in teaching my daughter and son science. My daughter really enjoys learning through the Magic School Bus and recently she also received the Nintendo DS Magic School Bus Ocean game to use along with these DVDS. She literally was begging for the game after watching this series! If that’s not a love for Science, I don’t know what is!

Episode list for Magic School Bus three DVD set Revving Up ( 5 hours runtime):

Revving Up — Topic: Engines
Under Construction — Topic: Structures
Gets Programmed — Topic: Computers
Bonus: Hops Home — Topic: Habitat

Getting Energized — Topic: Energy
Gets Charged — Topic: Electricity
A Bright Idea — Topic: Light
Bonus: In The Haunted House — Topic: Sound


In The City — Topic: City Critters
Cracks a Yolk — Topic: Eggs
All Dried Up — Topic: Desert Adaptation
Bonus: Ants in Its Pants — Topic: Ants

Coloring Sheet:



Episode List for The Magic School Bus In a Pickle DVD (78 minutes):

In a Pickle – Microbes
Meets Molly Cule – Molecules
Makes a Stink – Smell
Meets The Rot Squad – Decomposition

For more information on this title or any other Scholastic releases, visit highest of recommendations for all The Magic School Bus Series has to offer.

Buy it: You can purchase The Magic School Bus: on New Kideo and Magic School Bus on too.