Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Kids Music Album coming in September


Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
Available from retailers everywhere on September 3, 2013 
1. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
2. My Sister Kissed Her Boyfriend
3. Zoo Wacky Zoo
4. Late, Great, Nate McTate
5. Slow
 6. It’s Not Mud
7.  Boo!
8. Creepy Dead Bug
9. Don’t Touch My Stuff!
10. C-C-C-Cold Outside
11. To Be a Wood Bee
12. Meow, Meow, Meow

My kids ages 5 years old and 2 1/2 years old didn’t take to this album. I’ve asked them if they wanted to listen a second of a third time, and they’ve just flatly said no. Perhaps it was the musical style. The lyrics are original and I’ll give them that. But there were slang words in the lyrics such as stupid and ain’t which I personally don’t want my children repeating.I won’t be recommending this one. But feel free to check it out for yourself. Playtime is roughly 35 minutes. 

The band plans to greet their legions of fans nationwide this fall as they tour to celebrate the new release. The concert schedule details are available at, if you interested. Listen and Learn More by Clicking Here

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