Pastime Puzzles


Recently, my family and I put together two different  puzzles something I used to love doing growing up! Let’s admit it, sometimes during the Summer to beat the heat it’s best to lay low and do some less active things to keep cool!  My son, nearly 3 likes to work on the inner pieces and my daughter the outer edges. It’s fun to see both kids thinking hard to accomplish the same goal.

The artwork of these  puzzles are gorgeous and the one with the kittens brought back memories of three kittens I had growing up that looked almost exactly the same.  The kitten puzzle is 300 pieces so totally a step up from those smaller 100 piece puzzles most kids can get accustomed too.

The second we put together is a puzzle featuring a darling penguin family in a beautifully suitable scene. The colors are bright and vibrant yet not overly done. There’s a soft subtle blending though not muted in the least bit. I think any penguin lover would adore the imagery captured in just 500 pieces, I know mine does. Pretty enough to use puzzle glue on and store on the wall as art!

The puzzle pieces are extremely durable and have stayed very solid even when being handled continually by young children. Absolutely no peeling and no rough edges. What makes these  puzzles pretty unique is that it comes with Whimsy pieces. The Whimsy pieces ( star, Eiffel tower, lamp, boot, key, and more!) were such fun to look at and my children were very thrilled to point out and find each one. We made a game out of who could use up all the Whimsy pieces first when putting the puzzles together.

I’m always keeping an eye out for reasonably priced high quality puzzles that will be used over and over. This one totally has won me over! I’ll definitely be adding more from Pastime Puzzles to the kids Christmas gifts this year!

If you are interested in purchasing these for yourself, you can find them reasonably priced at for around $10.00 each