K’NEX Super Tink Building Set {Review}

I grew up playing with the original Tinker Toys that were made up of wooden pieces. You know, the set that came in a round tin like container? I’m pretty sure almost everyone had a set of them. I was quite surprised to find out about the  new plastic version by K’NEX. It’s a little different but actually this version is very versatile compared to the original when creating whatever the imagination may think up.


There are 150 pieces in this set. Pieces include bendable rods, round circular pieces, spools, connectors, fun bits such as wings, eyes, and parts to make a person. Inside the box also includes a suggestions in how to make fifteen different things. Some of the suggestions include a helicopter with moveable blades, a sky scraper, a car, a dragon, a star, rocket ship, and more!  The bright and playful colors seems very appealing to my own children. And they both were pretty excited to get going when they noticed all the neat designs on the box and the ones on the instructions suggested in the set.


The pieces in the set are super durable. My children have been playing with the set for about a week now and nothing has bent or broken. Durability is a must especially if you have a son like mine that tends to test the limitations of everything he gets his hands on.

These pieces snap into each other when being connected. It takes a little bit of effort and you’ll hear a click once together properly. Once the pieces are together they aren’t going to disconnect very easily. This is fantastic when my kids are building things like cars of helicopters for play and everything stays together instead of disconnecting from each other causing stress and disappointment and dare I say even a fit.


Once play time is over, you can easily store these in the sturdy box they come in. The box itself is cardboard but the lid is plastic. The shape of the box allows for easy storage and takes up little if any space at all. And if you needed to travel or something with the set, to Grandma’s house for the day or weekend, the box is easily transported as well.

Overall. the building set has been a hit. Both my kids age nearly 3 and a little over 5 will spend hours on end playing and creating. They are always wanting me to see what new and imaginative things they’ve come up with next. This is a great starter set and I wouldn’t hesitate in growing our tinker toy collection in the future or recommending it to others!

Interested in Purchasing? The  Tinkertoy Super Tink Building Set can be purchased on Amazon.com for $44.00 as of this posting.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products in exchange for my opinion of them. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.