Kindergarten Science: What is a Scientist? Lesson & Experiment

Science  is a subject I wanted to include this year. I’ve been writing up my own lesson plans and going with that. There’s a ton of resources online and at my local library I’ve been able to use without having to buy a full curriculum. This week my daughter Melody learned exactly what a scientist is!


Resources Used…

Book(s): What Is A Scientist ? by Barbara Lehn (I highly recommend this book as resource in introducing kids to science!)

Things we did:
Introduce tools we’ll be using for science : Microscope, Magnify glass, Measuring Cups, Science Journal, colored pencils, pen, etc… (I have a Primary Mix and Measure Science Set from Learning Resources that will get getting tons of use)

Experiment we conducted: Fill a bowl with water and gave a variety of objects like  pom-pom, paper clip, a dice, rock, a ball of tin foil, and other things around the house to test if they sank or floated. I had her record what happened to each in her science  journal and I explained why even though she thought the pom-pom or whatever other object would float why exactly it wouldn’t.

Overall, she enjoyed this science activity and lesson quite a bit! And an added bonus for her that she doesn’t know about yet, is that we’ll be taking a field trip to a local science/water park to tie into our lessons about sinking and floating. First homeschool field trip! We are all looking forward to it.